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Why should I choose Chris as my criminal defense attorney?

Having always practiced from the defense side gives me perspective in empathizing with clients and in knowing which defenses work and which do not. Many other criminal defense lawyers emphasize that they are “former prosecutors”. While they no doubt have vast experience in prosecuting these types of cases, these are the same people that have put defendants like yourself in jail or prison and were unwilling to negotiate a reasonable result.

Former prosecutors who have rejected viable defenses are now tasked with asserting those same defenses with their former peers and colleagues. Many leave the prosecutor’s office not because they have a genuine passion for representing the accused and standing up for a citizen’s constitutional rights, but because it simply pays better.

As a former member of the US Navy, I am familiar with the concept of serving something greater than yourself. I look at each of my clients as an individual, and I empathize with their situation when it often feels no one else is on their side. I will fight for your rights and work passionately on your behalf to provide the best possible outcome for your case. I won’t make you false promises just to get you to hire me (be wary of those that do), and I’ll be honest and real with you about your case and answer all your questions as they arise. 

I know facing a criminal charge can be anxiety inducing, confusing, and overwhelming (especially if this is your first offense), but I’ll walk you through your case and make sure you understand the process. If you are looking for a highly experienced, knowledgeable, and defense-minded lawyer who you can trust, don’t hesitate to reach out to me today. I will fight for the outcome you deserve.